Windows 98 Drivers for Dell Memory Key

I have spent the last week or so trying to get an old computer of my parent’s fixed so data can be transferred off of it onto a little USB memory key so they can get it onto my mom’s shiny new dell laptop.

I thought it would be a sinch, I found what I figured were the correct drivers to get that little memory key kicking on windows 98. Well I installed them and sure enough, the key still didn’t work. After cleaning off a multitude of spy-ware and viruses I decided to dig a bit further into why the key wasn’t working and here is what I found.

Apparently, just recently, Dell has changed the vendor that they are using for their memory keys. All of the sites I found via a google search for "Dell Memory Key Drivers Win98" turned up a driver put out by lexmark. Well, lexmark did use to make dell’s memory keys. However, when I tried using the driver the computer didn’t recognize it as the right driver. That caused quite a bit of frustration.

One thing I did notice is that all of the pictures of the memory key that I found with the drivers looked significantly different. So I thought to myself, what if lexar DIDN’T make this. Sure enough, I popped of the cap, looked inside and say ‘M-Systems’. If I was paying any attention at all I would have seen the same thing on the box that the stupid key came in. So I went to M-Systems site and found the driver.

Installing the driver was very simple, it downloaded as a self-install exe. All I did was double click, click yes or next a few times, restarted the computer, plugged in the key and it now works like a charm.

So to save yourself the trouble I went through just go here:

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this information on the web. I have a new XP computer and wanted to transfer files from my old Win 98 system using the Memory Key. I could not get the Memory Key and the drivers to recognize each other. I called Dell support and got transferred to another number who could not help me either. Almsot 3.5 hours later I I was passed to another Dell support number and was told it would cost $39 to have a Memory Key expert resolve my problem. I decided to keep looking for help on the net and found your post. It worked like a charm and I had the key working in about 10 minutes. Thank you very much!
    Bill L

  2. I’m so glad I found your web site. My memory key is finally working in my old compputer and I’m able to transfer data easily to my new one. Thank you!

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for posting the url for the M-Systems Memory Key drivers. The Dell support staff sent me the url for the Lexmark drivers. This strikes me as odd, since the new Memory Keys are manufactured by M-Systems, not Lexmark.


  4. I’ve boiled the ture problem down to a dell support group that wouldn’t know a proper driver from a hole in the ground. Glad it’s all working for you. I sent an e-mail to dell’s support address with the right driver. I wonder if I should charge them $39 for my services? :)

    Hopefully they will update the info on their site or something. The fact that they are still telling everyone to use the lexar drivers is just rediculous

  5. Thanks again. I had the exact problem and Dell was no help. You da man!!
    Got me up and transferring files in under 10 minutes.

  6. Thank you for pointing me in the right directions, as it was getting very frustrating trying to instal the driver for this device with the old driver, kept on going around in circles. Thanks again, I will pass this information onto other people with W98

  7. Unfortunately, the Memory Key that Dell sent me is made by Smart Modular Technologies and the driver they provide is the Lexar driver, which did not work. Weird!

  8. I also have a Dell key, SM9FLAMK, made by Smart Modular Technologies and have been unable to find a driver that works. I sent an email to Smart Tech Support and they said they don’t support Dell products. Lovely. If anyone finds a driver that works with this key, please let me know. I’ve tried all the others.

  9. Well, they seem to change vendors as often as I change my socks :).

    Try this driver:

    1. Unzip downloaded files. As before, take care to note the location of these files as you will need it in a moment.
    2. Review the Eula.txt document as your use of this driver implies your consent to be legally bound by this document.
    3. Insert SMART USB Memory Key.
    4. “Add New Hardware” wizard should start.
    5. When prompted, choose the directory where the unzipped driver files reside.
    6. When the “Add New Hardware” wizard is finished, a new drive should be available in Windows Explorer.

    please note that I got this information from:

    Let me know if that does or does not work and I’ll ammend my article.

  10. First, thank you for your story. I felt like I was one step closer to figuring out what was going on with my memory key. Well, I have Windows 98, not 98SE. I downloaded the programs from, but when I restarted my computer, it gave me an message that it was for Windows 98SE. I also tried the, but it is the same thing as

    I am wanting to transfer a folder that has over 2500 digital pictures from my old HP presario win98 computer to my new Dell. I don’t have a CD burner on the old one. Any suggestions??

  11. The zip file you pointed to is similar to the one for Lexar I tried before. It may even be the same one. I’ve even tried the file from Smart Modular Technologies but that does not work either. Any other suggestions?

  12. I wish I could be of more help, but it’s extremely hard when I don’t have the memory key on hand to test stuff out :/. I also am severely unimpressed with dell and don’t ever anticipate buying a new one. It would help if I could get my hands on a picture to know what it looks like and maybe a model number. If you have either and could share them with me I might have a tad bit more success.

    I haven’t really been able to track down anything of relevance on Smart’s website. It appears their memory keys seem to be considered the “red-headed step child” of their product lin.

  13. The model number on the key cover shows SM9FLAMK.
    A picture can be found on Dell’s web site at
    Fortunately I was able to network my old computer to my new computer and get the files I needed copied. I am disappointed Dell has such a problem with these memory keys. A good idea implemented poorly at least when upgrading computers.

  14. I stand (or sit in desparation) to this same scenerio. I also have the Dell Key 64mb SMART model # SM9FLAMK. Been trying (I believe) every driver suggestion with still no success. I am still using Windows 98SE. Still looking for suggestions. Pulled out enough hair that I do not need to see the Barber anytime soon.
    Desparate Bob

  15. I downloaded the and it wanted to run something, but it said it was only compatable to 98SE. I tried the networking, but old computer is stubborn. I am going to try again and dell can take their memory key back….what is the sense in selling something when they don’t even know what to do. I have spent way too many hours talking to people who I can barely understand and who have no desire to help you.

  16. Just got a new Dell with the 128 MB memory key. Like the rest, I’m trying to transfer files from an old HP with Windows 98 to my new Dell. Have tried the instructions at over and over, but either I don’t understand how to use WinZip properly (which is possible), or it’s just not working.

    Has anyone found anything that works for the SMART SM9FLAMK?

    Will Dell take it take it back and issue a refund if nothing works?

    Thanks everyone!

  17. MIKE – I was lucky enough to find your post only 20 minutes into my quest to see how I can copy files off my old Win 98 system to a used dell with a new OS – – thanks very much for saving me and many others a bundle of time !!!


  18. I am using a memory key for the first time, had no problem transfering a file to my new computer but how do you delete the info thats in the key after the transfer?? Could you please email me and let me

  19. I am in the process of returning my Memory Key to Dell. I contacted the manufacturer (SMART) and they told me Dell doesn’t support Win98. When I spoke to a Dell rep, I was told I should keep it anyway because it would be SO helpful to me. Oh yeah?

    I went out to Best Buy and got a PNY “Attache” USB flash drive for $29.99 (128MB) and after downloading the driver for Win98SE, it worked immediately and was great. I was able to transfer files right away from my old machine to the new one.

    Now why would I want to keep the Dell Memory Key that wouldn’t work with my old computer? It’s going back!

    Just wish I had gotten the floppy drive instead of opting for the Memory Key alone. :-/


  20. Well, as far as the driver issue goes with the smart technologies, I would be more inclined to place the blame on Smart Technologies. They do not provide drivers for any flash memory cards that they develop. Which is basically the equivelant of a death sentence for windows 98 users that wish to migrate via one of their cards. I find it highly unlikely that any redistributors would find any desire to create drivers.

    I do have to question why in the world Dell would decide to utilize a manufacturer that does not provide win98 support however. Their M-Systems cards worked like a charm (if you could find the right driver.) So if anyone else is in the market for a decent memory key I would higly recommend going with anything from M-Systems.

    In fact here is a link I highly recommend…far cheaper than dell and you are getting keys from straight from the manufacturer. No dell ‘relabeling’

  21. I’m not sure who to thank, but the top level guy here plus google for helping me find him and his advice, well, what can I say, thanks ! I went through the same frustration with the Dell site but in just a few quick clicks, you had me up and running. Thakns so much for helping. Cherry

  22. The memory key will act as a secondary drive and you can access it on screen through your computer much like you would your main hard drive. You can delete files and therefore clear space for other data.

  23. THANK YOU!! I have a co-worker here with a new M-Systems key and Win-98 box and she was ready to use it as a hammer target.

  24. Hello!

    I’m so glad that I’m not alone in this problem. I’m very happy to have found this site. Dell support was of no help whatsoever and I see from the comments here that some people have actually forwarded the correct info to Dell and they are still clueless. What the hell is their problem? Anyway, thanks for saving my sanity. I’ll pass the news on.

  25. Do you know what the model number or manufacturer (real manufacturer, dell is just the reseller) of the drive is?

    Please keep in mind that a working driver for the Smart Keys has yet to be found.

  26. Am I ever glad I found this site – I have spent 3 useless hours on the phone with Dell. I have the SMART SM9FLAMK key and still cannot get it to work with Win98 SE.

  27. Re: Dell M-Systems USB Flash Memory Key

    I fought it a while and here’s what I think I did.

    1. I downloaded and burned to a CD (on the new machine)

    2. I put the CD in the old machine and unzipped and then ran the program.

    3. On re-boot I got an error message re:Win98se etc. I did not delete it at this point as it wasn’t hurting anything.

    4. I fired off a letter to Dell. Including the link to

    5. For some reason I plugged in the key and used Control Panel to install new hardware. After stumbling around in the Add New Hardware Wizard a while I hit the right combination and the Wizard found a file called Windowsinfdokusb.inf and went ahead and installed it.

    6. The program that is not compatible and that shows the error on start-up is something like SafeEject.exe. I deleted it. Not by using the remove software Wizard however. I used search, found the file and dumped it in the recycle bin.

    7. The memory key still works, doesn’t show an error message and I’m a lot happier today.

    I surmise that the diskonkey installer wrote the dokusb.inf file to windowsinf in addition to writing the SafeEject program.

    If you use the remove software wizard to remove SafeEject I surmise again that any related files it wrote like dokusb.inf are removed also.

    I’m not anywhere near an expert on any of this as you can tell but I really wanted to transfer my .jpg files in an expeditious manner.

    Hope this helps.

  28. Thanks a mil for your post Mike. I was in the same boat, about ready to give up. Then I found this web page. The driver worked great, and know i’m a happy camper :-) . Thanks again.

  29. I also want to join my voice to the others and to simply say thank you for having posted that information and location of the Win98SE M-Systems memory key driver. It worked perfectly! Dell tech support are mumbling nonsense when it comes to this key. One even said that these keys should be used only from between XP or ME systems and are noncompatible with 98 systems!!! Gheeeeezzz!!

  30. Thanks to all above for their contributions – this has to be the most useful webpage in the history of the wURLd.

    Especially the comments about getting it to work in bog standard Widnows 98 rather than SE. Worked a treat and I’ve backed up my mother-in-laws old PC in double quick time.

    I had a similar problem trying to get drivers for my daughters MP3 player a few months back but just couldn’t nail it so ended up upgrading to WINDOWS XP on our PC. This worked out a lot cheaper!

    cheers again.

  31. Great job Mike!!!! I’m certainly glad you took the time to post your findings so others wouldn’t suffer. You are to be commended.

  32. I would like to tank you a lot for finding the Windows 98 drivers for my Dell Memory Key. Me too I am trying to transfer lots of pictures fron an old computer to my new dell.

    Thank you very very very much!!!!!

  33. Dell sold me an M-Systems key in December; then sold me a SMART key in May that looked identical in Dell’s web photos (product description does not disclose change in manufacturers); the only visual difference in the actual product is the identifer inside the drive cap. The DiskonKey Win98se driver mentioned by others works with the M-Systems key, but apparently Dell has stopped offering M-Systems keys. None of the SMART drivers mentioned seem to work with the SM9FLAMK (256MB) key. If anyone finds a SMART Win98se driver that works with the SM9FLAMK key, I would really like to know about it. Is it possible to edit the driver that Tom found for the SM9FLAU key to make it work with the SM9FLAMK key?

  34. Well Jeff, your suggestion worked for me too! I have Windows 98 not 98SE and had problems with the notorious driver we have all been discussing. Here’s what I did to make it work:

    1. downloaded the driver to disk then unzipped the file to my old computer.

    2. Installed the DiskOnKey windows 98 driver.

    3. After installing and then rebooting my computer, I got the error message about the driver being for 98SE only followed by the appearance of the file SafeEject.exe.

    4. Cursed aloud

    5. I then deleated everything that came in the zip file inluding SafeEject, not through uninstall wizard, but “by hand” through file manager (windows explorer). I think this is the key…

    6. After reading Jeff’s message I went to add new hardwear through Control Panel. At a certain point the install wizard asks what kind of driver you want to associate with the memory key. I selected the “disk drive” category. After clicking okay, the window’s 98 memory key driver was listed as a possible match. I selected it, installed it, and now the key works fine.

    Hope this helps.


  35. Sadly, this one doesn’t work with the SM9FLAMK key, either. I tried it, but it seems to be the same driver (same name)that I found somewhere else. Apparently the newest key that Dell is offering needs an updated Win98se driver, and I’m not optimistic about the chances of someone’s developing one.

  36. The Brothers link is dead now and the Win98.asp didn’t work for me, but thanks and I’ll keep looking!


  37. Another Win98se driver that does NOT work with the current Dell SMART key is the driver sold with the Verbatim 128MB Store ‘n Go key. Something I found on the Internet suggested that the Verbatim key used SMART technology, so I gambled $20.

    For people who want to transfer Win98se files who can still return their 2005 Dell keys, I’d recommend the inexpensive Verbatim key. It seems to be readily available from lots of sources, and includes a disc with a driver that works beautifully with Win98se.

  38. I too was having difficulty with the dell key and bought a PNY Attache 256M. I can’t get the driver from PNY to work on either my office or home computer. The driver install goes according to plan, but when I plug in the flash key, Windows cannot find the driver, even when the folder address is plugged in. Any suggestions? desperate here.

  39. For the M-Systems driver, go to , and click on “applications and drivers”. The Win98se driver is still available from the resulting page, unless the download button itself has stopped working. Lynne

  40. Hey. i have the same problem to where asi cant use the Dell Memory Key on my old windows 98 computer, when i try to install the driver from the website tho it eventually comes up with the message incorrect windows version for the driver, as we just have plain ole Windows 98, NOT SE, any 1 know where i could find a driver for this?
    thanx :

  41. I have the Smart SM9FLAMK 128MB key. When I try to unzip the driver it looks for a file called TSAD.DLL. I ran a search and did not find it in my W98 system. A computer tech told me that the file was spyware, and couldn’t figure out why the driver was looking for it. Anyone have a for-sure driver for this piece of c__p Dell key? I surely love Dell’s PC’s, but their support (especially on this memory key) absolutely SUCKS!

  42. Thank you so much for your post!!! I can’t believe how difficult it was to deal with Dell on this. After speaking with 4 people, all Dell suggested was that I pay them $49 for an expert to give me direction when I asked them to send me a link to a driver. How frustrating! Finally, someone told me to find it online because they could not give me any info on the driver for windows98. Seems like a scam to get more people to pay for the additional info!

    Thank you so much for the help. I’ll try it out.

  43. It did not work for me – when I downloaded the files there did not seem to be a setup file only setup info.

    What am I doing wrong – please help.

    I have Windows 98

  44. This has been interesting reading. I too am trying to get all the files off my old PC. I am running Win98 on the old machine. I have had no success with accessing a driver for my Smart SM9FLAMK 256 MB memory key. I have had not success with
    or I did manage to download the zipped files from but when unzipped they did not seem to contain anything that worked as a driver for my memory stick.
    Can anyone help me?

  45. hi just got my new dell demension 3000 and opted for the usb dell memory key.(now im not so sure why wish i had a floppy drive) want to transfer files from my old windows 98 computer but can’t. been all over these sites looking for a driver that will work but no luck can u help… need for win 98 not 98se wont work wont work … i have just regulay old win 98 if u can hell i will be so greatfull to u

  46. Stephie et al.,
    If you have Dell’s Smart SM9FLAMK 256 memory key (look inside the cap), there doesn’t seem to be any Win98 driver available at all. I’ve tried all the drivers (M-Systems, Smart, etc.) that are easily located through Google, and none work with this key.

    I’ve also purchased some other inexpensive keys (Staples Relay, Verbatim) that advertise Win98se drivers. These drivers work fine for the particular keys, but don’t work with the SM9FLAMK 256 key.

    I’m not sure that anyone markets a key that is supposed to work with plain old Win98, but that is what you need to look around for. You might also consider upgrading your Win98 system to Win98se. At one time, MS had a service pack on the windows update site that would do that.

    Once upgraded, you can get your files off the old system with any key that has a Win98se driver, although you may have to download the driver from the manufacturer’s web site if the software isn’t included with the key.

  47. Wow, isn’t this amazing, all these people having trouble getting a silly memory key to work! You’d think with all the trouble Win98 has getting connected to other computers, they’d made it easy!

    So on that note, has anyone had any success linking their old PC to their new Dell? I have a cross over cable, a hub and now a USB data link cable, and still my computers refuse to talk to each other. I asked my brother in law (computer programmer) and he said there was one time where he got win98 and a newer computer to link, but it was just a one-way link…and he’s out of state so no help there!

    Any other options for transferring files that anyone’s found?

  48. Haven’t tried this myself, but you might look into utilities software that copies files from an old drive or machine onto a new drive. I’ve used Powerquest’s “Drive Copy” successfully, but don’t know whether it will transfer files from a Win98 machine to a WinXP machine. Also, Powerquest has been sold–to Symantec, I think. To use the software, you have to physically link the drives with the cases open.


  49. I have Win 98 SE, but I was having trouble getting diskonkey to work.

    1. It worked right after I installed it, but then it failed and my computer locked up. I tried all combinations of rebooting and re-installing, but could not get it to work again.

    2. In windows help, I found out that when a device fails, windows sometimes disables it. Such disabled devices are listed under Automatic Skip Device, which you can get to from windows help. From there you can enable the device and try again. I found my device in there and enabled it. But again, it worked the first time and then failed and locked up my computer.

    3. The message I was getting from the device manager when my computer locked up was that msgsrv32 was not responding. At, under problems specific to Windows 98, I found a similar but not identical problem. It had to do with PC cards conflicting with USB devices (to find it, search on msgsrv32). The fix involved changing the configuration in device manager, and it said that sometimes you cannot do this manually. This turned out to be the case for me, so I could not use that fix.

    3. Based on the description of that problem, I removed all other USB devices and my PC card, and reinstalled diskonkey. After that it worked fine! Now when I use either the memory key or the PC card, I remove the other first.

    -By the way, MS-Systems was very helpful in that they directed me to microsoft support. Neither Dell nor the maker of my old windows 98 computer were much help at all.

  50. I like it ! Nothing works with SM9FLAMK on Win 98 and no one is able to help. Either the big DELL nor anyone else. It’s recommend to give the keys back to DELL to let them eat these items.

  51. Ricardo, I don’t know how you figured that out, but it works! Thanks for the headsup about the three locations.

    I had some trouble getting “Add Hardware” to recognize the edited file, so probably have an oddball installation. What I did: (1)installed the standard driver from the zipped folder, using Add/Remove Hardware; (2)opened the .inf file from the unzipped folder and edited the file as you described; (3) saved the file–but first had to go to the file location and remove the “read-only” attribute. The driver as installed doesn’t have a tray icon for safe removal of the key/drive, but “eject” works fine to uninstall the key until it is inserted again.

    Thanks a million! :-)

  52. Fred – I don’t know who you are or how you figured this out, but you have unlocked the mystery for me. I have spent over a month down all the Lexmark and M systems side-tracks before workiing out that the latest Dell keys are made by Smart. Even then the drivers were no use until you posted your little modification.

    Why can’t Dell give this sort of advice? Well that is easy to answer. Because they have no sense of customer service. So why have I got a Dell 256M memory key? Because Dell gave it to me for free! After being totally stuffed around for 3 months over a memory upgrade for a 6 month old computer (involving 6 unanswered emails to all parts of Dell, 3 long faxes and about 10 phone calls, I finally persuaded someone in Dell that were stuffing me around. It still took them another month, including delivering the wrong product at first, for them to finally deliver something they had charged me for 3 months earlier. Plus a free memory key to work with 2 portables I have running a special DOS business application under 98SE! And so started yet another month of frustration until I came across your post.

  53. I cant believe it! I owe Fred Becker (see this posting #37.1.1) for solving my problem trying to install the driver for dell memory key256mb on windows 98SE.I had tried and tried and tried all over the place to find the answer. Dell, Msystems website, Microsoft, Smartdrive,Google and finally found website through a Google search, thank you. I have Dell memory key SM9FLAMK with no driver and I finally was able to get windows 98SE to recognize the memory key following Freds advice.
    1.Go to
    2.Download the drive for windows 98 to my hard drive, I made my own directory c:program filesDellMemoryKey. You can download it wherever you want, just remember where you sent it!
    3.Go the C:Program FilesDellMemoryKey directory through windows explorer. Or go to the directory you have sent the download to.
    4.Open the downloaded smartusbmemorykey folder and select “extract ” from the pulldown menu.
    5.Using the control key, highlight all four files and extract to the newly created folder c:program filesDellMemoryKey(or whatever location you have decided on).
    6.Go to the same folder and right click on file smartg2 (smartg2.inf) and select open. When the file opens find the three lines of text that have the value of 1900. (see freds posting for more on this) Replace the 1900 with 1700, make sure to find all three locations of this in the file.You can do it! Finally, save the file.
    7.Next, go to control panel and click on add new hardware. I had the memory key plugged into the usb port when I ran this, of course. The system will find the dell memory key.
    8.Select: install driver. Continue through the install screens until you have the chance to select the location for the driver. This will be the screen where the “browse” box is available in the bottom right of the screen. When prompted, selected the path of the folder that you have already downloaded the driver into. Be sure that you have modified the smart2g file and replaced 1900 with 1700 in three locations within the smart2g file.
    9.Windows will find the driver that you have edited correctly. Click to proceed with installing this driver.
    10.Now, click on my computer and you will see your memory key listed as a drive letter (E: on my machine) but could be different depending on your computer configuration. Note, I did not need to reboot in order to see the drive listed under my computer.
    11.Thank you immensely to Fred for your skills, experience and time in solving this driver problem, so frustrating to say the least. You are very much appreciated, best regards.

  54. ricardo:
    Thank you very much for sharing your experience, your computer skills and your time in helping me solve this driver problem for the memory key. Thanks to you we are up and running now. The Dell Smart SM9FLAMK memory key works just great now. We owe you one, very much appreciated.

  55. I have an old HP Pavilion with win98. I have a staples relay but cannot find the driver to run on the old HP.

    I really just wanted to be able to rescue my 2000 songs I downloaded while at college.

    To complicate matters…I dont have a modem on the HP.

    So I was hoping I might be able to download the requisite driver on my new dell…burn it to a disk and load it via cd rom drive on the HP…possible or impossiple?

    Thx for your help!

  56. If the break in double lines correctly indicates the source of messages, I think it was Ricardo rather than Fred to whom we owe thanks. I spent hours getting nowhere before coming across Ricardo’s solution. One addition to Dennis’posting: after downloading to my usual ‘download’ subdirectory, I decided to set up a subdirectory in ‘download’ just for this problem, but one file, namely, jdusbms.sys, did not show up in ‘download’ with an icon. However, it did show up when I ran the find command, so I copied it from its download location to the subdirectory, and all worked fine. I notified DELL that I was trying Ricardo’s proposal (and gave them the website); I will call them and tell them it worked.

  57. Jim:
    Thanks for giving Ricardo credit where credit is due. I did not realize the source of this helpful information until after I had posted and then I went back and thanked Ricardo in a separate posting. Also, your including the information on the jdusbms.sys file will surely help someone out. Very glad that you got the memory key recognized, I spent lots of time on it just like you, thanks for notifying Dell. I don’t bother trying to talk to Dell anymore, learned my lesson some time ago, even though I own three Dell machines, I try and support them myself and with help from my internet friends. Best regards to you.

  58. I am having a difficult time transferring photos from my old computer to new one. Do I just connect the old modem to the new system then use the memory key?? I have the dell usb memory key (128)

    any info would be appreciated..


  59. Can you make me a favor, could you please give me the drivers for windows 98 se, because I tryed with many I they don`t work


  60. Fred,

    I have a Dell 512 mb Memory Key and I am trying to get the right driver for it to work on PC’s with Win 98. I have followed the instructions laid out on this page using the Win 98 driver from, and changed the 1900’s to 1700’s in the smartg2.inf file, but Windows still says it is unable to install the driver. Any suggestions? Is the procedure different for a 512 mb key vs. the 256 mb key? Thanks.

  61. Ricardo, thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge. You really did help me. I nearly stopped looking for a solution and then i saw your very short, but for me very effective message that made my Smart 256 MB SM9FLAMK key work perfectly with my Windows 98 (not ME or SE).

  62. Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. I just got the Memory Key and was about to look for a way to use it on my old laptop. This saved me a bunch of time.

  63. Thank you Ricardo
    Solution worked fine for me on Win98 SE with a 512MB SM9FLAMK Dell Key.
    Exponential Kudos to you for such a simple solution that had lesser mortals (me) about to give up on the use of the key with Win98.

  64. I have d/l the driver from M-Systems site and my usb is still not recognised at all- i put it in and nothing.

    I hav a dell (m-systems) 512mb usb and windows 98 SE.

    Any suggestions on what i should do?

    Also, the folder that was d/l from m-systems just has one exe- ‘safe eject’. Is this right?

  65. Thanks a lot Ricardo!

    I was about to give up, when i tried your little trick of changing 1900 to 1700 and after a couple of puffs and coughs and 2 restarts it works just fine!
    I have a SM9FLAMK 128 MB and an old machine with WIN98 SE.

    Thanks again!

  66. Rock on! thanks alot. My boss needed me to pull some files from her old laptop to put on the new one and the CD drive wouldn’t recognize any of the blank disks I had. I used my key with the help of this article. tysvm! Cheers!

  67. The URL to the driver fot the Dell USB Flash no longer works. Could you please post a link to the driver.


  68. On a similar topic – can anyone help?!

    Just bought a verbatim USB Flash Disk memory stick 128MB but need a driver for Win98. Any ideas or pointers would be greatly received.

    Great site.

  69. Anyone with a Dell Memory Key made by SMART (as shown on the inside of the key cover) and Windows 98SE then do exactly as posted on # It works and will save you lots of time searching for other solutions. Mark.

  70. I had the same problem with the SM9FLAMK in trying to find a driver for Windows 98.

    I found the driver at:

    Additionally, he gives important instructions on editing the driver so that it works with Windows 98.

    At first, when I edited the driver as mentioned and went to save it, it told me that this was a “Read-Only” File and would have to be saved as a separate file. I renamed it and saved it as edited. But it still didn’t work.

    I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what to do.

    Finally, I went into the original driver file, right clicked it, and went to “Properties”…and “unchecked” the “Read Only” Box under General Properties.

    then…I went back and edited it, saved it…and it worked like a charm.

    Hope this will help someone.

  71. Thanks, I got it working from one of the reply on This site (Mark on 2006-04-13 18:00 ) with detailed instructions to amend certain properties.
    Had my memory key working. This is a GREAT, GREAT SITE. Thanks a million Mark.

  72. estou com o pen drive de 128mb DELl mas não consigo visualizar os arquivos no sistemas operacional windows98

  73. Anyone who has still been unsuccessful, see post # 51.1

    Follow the links… works….

    Thanks so much to this site……..amazing

  74. I can’t thank you enough for this information. So very few times can you still find something useful on the internet that gives you EXACTLY the kind of info that you want.

    Thanx for taking the time for putting this up!

  75. You are genius man! I’ve been stressing for the last few weeks trying to get the drivers to work in Win 98 and all I had to do was change a couple of numbers in the coding (I’m smart enough to know why that helped though).

  76. I have windows 98, not window 98se, i have Msystem 512 mb mem key, when i use the diskonkey driver update it says i need windows 98se ugrade, is this the case or have i done something wrong, any help would be appreciated.

  77. I can’t find the driver…site has moved…can you email the driver to me. I have an old laptop that I take to the lake and work on. I worked on some files this weekend but now can’t get them off the computer (graphics…yuk!) Would appreciate the driver. Thanx…

  78. Well, there’s DCC which uses a data link cable between parallel ports to transfer data from one computer to another. You can also use networking to connect the machines. I have computers running Windows 95, 98se, ME and xp Home, all communicating with each other on a 10base2 cable network. The xp box has a 10baseT ethernet card and I couldn’t find another old 10base2 card to put into it so I found a network bridge adapter to convert from the twisted pair cable to the coax and all was good. I even share internet across the LAN, using a dsl modem connected via 10baseT to the xp box, which is set up to share the connection. Wireless networking would work too but with my old school setup nobody can tap in on my network from the street. Also, with all the clients running out of date operating systems I am almost as immune to viruses and bugs as a Mac or Linux machine.

  79. Hey there everyone! For those googling around trying to find the driver, it was archived by The Wayback Machine, here:

    I’ve also mirrored the All-Important .ZIP file, which can be gotten from these two locations:

    Hope this helps!


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