Trinity Ann

Finally had my first baby :).

I would expound a little more but I am on a pretty tight schedule :).

Things didn’t go completely as expected. We were shooting for a natural birth but our baby decided she really wanted to come out but first so we ultimately ended up having to op for a c-section. My wife did absolutely amazing, I don’t think I have ever seen anybody with so much determination. Baby and mom are both doing terrific now. So without further adieu, here are some pictures. (click on the thumbnails for full size)

8 thoughts on “Trinity Ann”

  1. Mike,

    What a beautiful baby :) AND ALL THAT HAIR!!!!!!!!!

    Your wife looks like she didn’t go through too much stress thats wonderful!!!!! God Bless them

  2. Hah,
    How are you doing Marcus? Haven’t had the time to troll sitepoint lately. Still have plans to figure out that TAP stuff. Need to get the paying clients satisfied first though :).

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