New Reading

Well, I’m now working on that new server I wrote about this morning. Turns out we have absolutely no server OS CDs anywhere in the office so I decided to do a FreeBSD install via ftp. Well, either we have some major connectivity issues here at the office or the pipe over at is being heavily used. I am stuck at about 5 KB/sec. So, that gives me alot of time to sit and stare blankly at the blue download screen. However, I got bored with that fairly quickly so I decided to go get a book to read. I picked up Fresh Styles for Web Designers and decided to give it a shot. It’s written by Curt Cloninger over at Lab 404. He does some editorial work for A List Apart as well. I’ll post my thoughts on it when I finish it. It looks to be an interesting read. It just does an overview of the different styles of design that are out there today. Being that design is a weak area for me I am hoping to learn lots. We’ll see.

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