New ‘AJAX’ Tutorial, ala Joshua Eichorn

I just got done reading through this post by Joshua Eichorn. It is a nice little tutorial on how to set up and create a small little app with HTML_AJAX. Unfortunately for me I just started using JPSpan and have finally gotten use to all of it’s quirks. So I probably won’t change anytime real soon. I’m definantly putting it on my list of things to explore though. If you know JPSpan well, from what I can tell you could figure HTML_AJAX out very quickly. It is extremely similar.

Maybe after I get some breathing room I’ll do a full review of HTML_AJAX.

For those that just want to know a little more about the latest technology to be named after a cleaning product, Joshua has alot of excellent AJAX resources on his site and linked to from his site.

3 thoughts on “New ‘AJAX’ Tutorial, ala Joshua Eichorn”

  1. Very good articles indeed :-)

    So now if you feel like peeking at it, you can look at
    cvs[dot]php[dot]net[slash]pear[slash]HTML_AJAX 😉


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