MySQL 4.1!!!

Somehow the release of MySQL 4.1 slipped right by me. This (in my opinion) is a huge production release. Mysql 4.1 offers support for subqueries. These have been a long time missing in MySQL and will prove very useful to many, many people. Another huge thing for me is that I can now start using the MySQLi PHP extension in my scripts. This extension will do great things in helping me make some of my DB abstraction alot smoother in my apps with the prepared statements. I know, I know, you are now saying that ADODB has supported prepared statements for just about ever. Well, which do you think is faster? Parsing statements in PHP? or Parsing statements with C? I might even throw up a bookmark to see if my point and objection to using ADODB for prepared statement is one to be taken :).

For those that care, here is a link to the Changelog for MySQL 4.1.

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