I fought the spam and I won….at least I ‘m going to win

So after my shoutbox warning (I know I know…the spam is automated) I came in this morning to see yet another shoutbox spam. So I have now banned the stupid man/woman/computer’s IP from my website. I also decided to go look through the comments I have recieved that have been identified as spam and indeed they were all spam…so I blocked their IPs too.


2 thoughts on “I fought the spam and I won….at least I ‘m going to win”

  1. Heh….I think that was a retorical question. :)

    Comment spam actually has dwindled. I haven’t had to delete or reject a comment now for quite some time. Now if only there were a reliable way to filter trackback spam….

    I have tried out several solutions built into serendipty (my blogging program) to no avail. I think one of these days I might try coding my own, but where oh where do I find the time.

    I am currently working on a cms project, an automated testing system (SimpleTest integration with apache-test….not going quickly as I had hoped,) my normal work related stuff (down to two sites) all while getting ready to have a baby!

    That’s not even to mention the things I have promised people I would do…oh well, I guess life is no fun if you aren’t busy :).

    Thanks for the comment.

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