Going to ZendCon

I will be leaving for ZendCon on Sunday. This will be my first zend con and I am really looking forward to going. I was hoping to speak at the conference about refactoring and database testing but alas it wasn’t meant to be :). I figure it gives me more time to enjoy everyone else’s talks and I can also meet the other attendees without the impending doom of everyone in a room paying attention to me.

I will be attending the conference with a sizable group of co-workers from The Selling Source and will be spending some time in our booth in the exhibit hall. If any of you would like to discuss unit testing, late static binding, or what not please come track me down. I am very interested to talk with anyone that may have checked out the PHPUnit Database extension. I have a small list of features that I am hoping to add shortly and would love to hear about any other features people may be looking for.

3 thoughts on “Going to ZendCon”

  1. At the mysql conference, there was a birds of a feather get together time. These were mini round table discussions about technology. Last year, I don’t THINK zendcon had these (I can’t remember, but I don’t think so…) At any rate, maybe this year you’ll be able to find something like that.

    I’ve also found out that if you buy a fellow PHP’er a beer, you can get into most any conversation :)

    Have fun – wish I could afford to go this year!

  2. Nice Mike – Enjoy!! Will have to sit this one out, Still need to talk to you on some old and new developments when and if I can hunt you down. Have Fun!!

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