Fare thee well macromedia

It looks as though Macromedia is about to be gobbled up. Good news is that it’s not Microsoft doing it (thank god.) It sounds like Adobe’s aquisition will be completed by this fall.


I am not really sure what I think about this. I have been drifting away from macromedia products for some time now due to the fact that I am about 95% programmer, 5% designer. I am just more content using programming tools like Zend Studio for my design work then I would be using tools like dreamweaver for my programming. I do however enjoy playing with Flash and Fireworks. In the whole merger process, here is what I hope happens.

In my perfect world Adobe will pretty much take the interface and the concept behind the interface that macromedia uses for all of its products and put in the functionality of their programs. I am a big fan of the functionality of alot of Adobe’s stuff, I just hate how slow and cumbersome it can be to use.

I hope they just leave flash alone. It really does not need any more major overhauls. Maybe a few small upgrades, but I would hate to see them ruin the direction actionscript has taken. In my opinion the interface for that program works quite well too.

I also hope they continue moving along with dreamweaver and just ditch go live! As long as whatever they end up doing with design software, so long as it is mostly standards compliant I will be happy.

In either case, the way I see is this could either be a really good thing…..or a really bad thing. Only time will tell.

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