Packer Built CentOS Vagrant Base Box – Automated Build

I have been using Vagrant and Chef  to setup and maintain the development environment for the projects I work on. I have been pretty comfortable with Vagrant for a while now and have becoming increasingly more comfortable with Chef. However, one aspect of this process I hadn’t really dealt with before was building base boxes for Vagrant.

Admittedly, this is not something you have to do often if at all due to sites like and the Puppet and Bento base boxes. However, there have been times where I didn’t find quite the combination of OS and provisioner I was looking for. I decided it was time to sort out how to build the ever elusive base box.

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Who needs pear…propel does just fine

Well, I went ahead and did the manual installation of Propel, Creole, and Phing. It worked like a charm. I did even more reading into the pear and found out that I was having some wierd confilicts with paths in phing that I didn’t know about. If I had better knowledge of how to use phing I never would have had that problem. The manual installation is what actually showed me how to do the pear install right. So, now I get to move on with my next project using propel. I’ll let you know how it turns out.