New Inspiration

Well, I have finally cleared off my workload and learned a few new things in the process. This has all given me some inspiration to again start posting to my blog. So I hope I am able to impart some knowledge to all you folks. Feel free to post any comments to my thoughts and what not.

This is ridiculous

Well, quite apparently a number of stupid┬áporn/obscene sites are for one reason or another directing traffic to my site. Don’t know why, I don’t really care why. It does kind of make me mad that they show up in my referrer list. It makes me even madder that people are apparently going to those sites from my referer list. So now I get to dig through the code and see if I can throw a filter or something in there. I swear, you are having a good day and all of a sudden you check your site and find out that you have unknowingly linked yourself to bad sites….I hate the internet sometimes.
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Group Therapy has moved

I have officially moved the location of group therapy. You can now find this site at The reason for doing this is that I am doing some fairly major changes to my site and I wanted the changes to not affect group therapy as well as the other way around. If you don’t know what group therapy is I would reccomend you give it a look see. It’s kind of fun.

Group Therapy
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