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Propel Stuff

I have spent most of this last week fiddling with Propel trying to get it to suite my needs. Overall I would have to say it’s worked pretty nicely. There is some quirks about it that I absolutely can’t stand. … Continue reading

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New ‘AJAX’ Tutorial, ala Joshua Eichorn

I just got done reading through this post by Joshua Eichorn. It is a nice little tutorial on how to set up and create a small little app with HTML_AJAX. Unfortunately for me I just started using JPSpan and have … Continue reading

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Ilia Alshanetsky posted this a few hours ago on his blog: Security Implications of var_export/print_r It basically talks about how allowing user supplied (POST, GET or even COOKIE really) posts to be saved to strings via var_export and print_r can … Continue reading

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Thinking too much

I have spent the last couple days of my life observing and occasionally lending a hand in some of the php channels on While I was watching questions and answers fly by in #php I observed something peculiar that … Continue reading

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