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Zend Studio 4 Beta

Zend just recently released a beta version of Zend studio 4.0. It boasts of Database support, Improved PHPDoc and PHPDocumentor support, a code snippet library, and few other things. If they finally recognize the clone keyword then I’ll be happy … Continue reading

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A Google Browser?

I just happened upon this story. Looks like google hired the lead firefox engineer. They also were known to have recently hired several IE developers and have secured the domain What do you all think Google is up to? … Continue reading

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With all due respect

I harbor no real ill will towards the French, but you have to admit, this is funny: Go to googleType in "French Military Victories" (without the quotes)Click the "I Feel Lucky" buttonIf you are particularly adventurous click on the next … Continue reading

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Who needs pear…propel does just fine

Well, I went ahead and did the manual installation of Propel, Creole, and Phing. It worked like a charm. I did even more reading into the pear and found out that I was having some wierd confilicts with paths in … Continue reading

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Propel Frustrates me to no end

After reading several posts on sitepoint about how great propel is and how I should really give it a try I decided to give er a go. Results of the attempted install below. Share

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Benchmarking misconceptions, microtime() vs. getrusage()

This entry was spawned by a post in sitepoint’s forums about benchmarking. It reminded me of what a jaded view many programmers have about quick and dirty benchmarking options. Most people make use of microtime()/time() functions, which at the surface … Continue reading

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The best solution – a programming concept

Below you will find a little ‘bit’ that I was about to put into a forum post. I then decided it was off topic from the question I was asked. There was lots of good info that I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Windows 98 Drivers for Dell Memory Key

I have spent the last week or so trying to get an old computer of my parent’s fixed so data can be transferred off of it onto a little USB memory key so they can get it onto my mom’s … Continue reading

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Click Path Tracking/Analysis Stuffins

I think I may have finally found a solution to the click path tracking question: To summarize, setup was simple, integration was simple, it doesn’t have a packaged web interface to speak of. It is only marketed as a … Continue reading

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