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MySQL 4.1!!!

Somehow the release of MySQL 4.1 slipped right by me. This (in my opinion) is a huge production release. Mysql 4.1 offers support for subqueries. These have been a long time missing in MySQL and will prove very useful to … Continue reading

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Comment Moderation and inline-block

In my never ending battle with spam I (in my overzealous way of thinking) accidently set things up so that after an entry is 1 day (!!!) old it would force comment moderation. Well, as you can imagine this is … Continue reading

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New Reading

Well, I’m now working on that new server I wrote about this morning. Turns out we have absolutely no server OS CDs anywhere in the office so I decided to do a FreeBSD install via ftp. Well, either we have … Continue reading

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New Server

Well, my workplace has purchased a nice new Dell PowerEdge server that I get to work on. It’ll be my first time using real server hardware or an enterprise version of Linux (Redhat Distro). I’m kind of looking forward too … Continue reading

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PHP5 and PHP4 Running on SAME apache server

**Update 10/30/04 **First off, it has been brought to my attention that this DOES NOT work for Linux servers. It has only been successfully tested on FreeBSD servers. In particular a FreeBSD 4.10_STABLE server. I am currently working on a … Continue reading

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New Inspiration

Well, I have finally cleared off my workload and learned a few new things in the process. This has all given me some inspiration to again start posting to my blog. So I hope I am able to impart some … Continue reading

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