Updated Simpletest+Apache-Test

A couple days ago I came across a post in Chris Shiflett’s blog concerning a tutorial that Geoff Young and he were giving at JApacheCon. Part of this post was giving some information on a small extension I wrote for SimpleTest called TAP Reporter.

I never realized anybody was actively using the extension and as a result I failed to develop it or even update the version I have on my site. Chris, Geoff, Marcus Baker, and I have since opened discussion on possible mods to Simple Test as well as a little discussion on how to make PHP testing an overall nicer experience. So it looks like there will be some changes to the TAP Reporter in the very near future.

That all being said, I do have an updated version of the tarball that fixes some bugs in tap-reporter.php and also enables a few more TAP featuers. The new features are support for SKIP and TODO directives as well as support for ‘bail out!.’ The code is very well documented (yay me) so I don’t think there’s much of a need for me to describe how to use it.

If you want some general information on TAP, Apache-Test and how they relate to SimpleTest then take a look at my older posts on the subject. A link to the new tar ball can be found below.


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