Phake 1.0.0 is finished

So, now that 2012 is here, I can confidently say that I have accomplished two things…the first is proving that I can indeed completely neglect my site for a year. The second is that given a free weekend I can still finish things. I just got done rolling the 1.0.0 stable release of Phake.

I spent the better part of yesterday and today working out the last of the kinks and I am pretty happy with the results. It provides a great alternative mocking framework for PHPUnit that is compatible not just with older versions of PHPUnit but also older versions of PHP (5.2). You can look through my blog for some of my initial posts about it, or you can peruse the Phake documentation. It allows you to do quite a few nifty things.

A big thanks to all those who have contributed feedback / code thus far.

Happy new year!