Trinity Ann

Finally had my first baby :).

I would expound a little more but I am on a pretty tight schedule :).

Things didn’t go completely as expected. We were shooting for a natural birth but our baby decided she really wanted to come out but first so we ultimately ended up having to op for a c-section. My wife did absolutely amazing, I don’t think I have ever seen anybody with so much determination. Baby and mom are both doing terrific now. So without further adieu, here are some pictures. (click on the thumbnails for full size)

Implementing Apache-Test Support into Simple Test

I have successfully gotten Simple Test to test itself in Apache-Test.
It wasn’t that hard really. I have added very basic Apache-Test support
by just subclassing the SimpleReporter class in SimpleTest. The new
class name is TAPReporter. It basically just allows a test to create TAP compliant (see this post)
output which is then read by Apache-Test. There are a few things which
in my opinion could be changed in SimpleTest in order to make TAP
complancy much better and it would actually improve some of the
functionality of SimpleTest apart from Apache-Test. I am somewhat
hesitant to make those changes right now however as the code is not
mine and really should be discussed with the creator of SimpleTest.
(Which I do plan on doing.) I will outline later in this articles the
changes I think would be useful. For now I would just like to review
what I did do and how to run the tests.

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TAP Format Explained (Apache-Test)

As some of you know I am currently working on a project to allow Simple Test to be Apache-Test
compliant. The process to take in doing so is to enable Simple Test to
produce TAP compliant output. To do so obviously requires a healthy
knowledge of the different aspects of the TAP protocol. The best way
for me to get a grasp of something is of course to write about it. I
gleaned pretty much all of this information from CPAN’s TAP format documentation. Continue reading TAP Format Explained (Apache-Test)