Zend Studio 4 Beta

Zend just recently released a beta version of Zend studio 4.0. It boasts of Database support, Improved PHPDoc and PHPDocumentor support, a code snippet library, and few other things. If they finally recognize the clone keyword then I’ll be happy :). In any case I went ahead and downloaded it and will be doing a pretty thorough evaluation of it be the end of the week. Stay tuned and you can see my opinion. (For what it’s worth)

Oh, and here’s a link to it: http://www.zend.com/store/products/zend-studio/beta.php

With all due respect

I harbor no real ill will towards the French, but you have to admit, this is funny:

Go to google
Type in "French Military Victories" (without the quotes)
Click the "I Feel Lucky" button
If you are particularly adventurous click on the next link too

Now, since I went ahead and made fun of the French, I welcome the french to make fun of me….it’s only right.

Who needs pear…propel does just fine

Well, I went ahead and did the manual installation of Propel, Creole, and Phing. It worked like a charm. I did even more reading into the pear and found out that I was having some wierd confilicts with paths in phing that I didn’t know about. If I had better knowledge of how to use phing I never would have had that problem. The manual installation is what actually showed me how to do the pear install right. So, now I get to move on with my next project using propel. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Benchmarking misconceptions, microtime() vs. getrusage()

This entry was spawned by a post in sitepoint’s forums about benchmarking. It reminded me of what a jaded view many programmers have about quick and dirty benchmarking options. Most people make use of microtime()/time() functions, which at the surface makes sense. However, I never like to look at things on the surface, so I would like to dig a little deeper and show everyone a unix/linux alternative to the standard microtime() bench mark.

Read on!

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The best solution – a programming concept

Below you will find a little ‘bit’ that I was about to put into a forum post. I then decided it was off topic from the question I was asked. There was lots of good info that I didn’t want to forget I said though, so I am going to keep it here for posterity’s sake. Enjoy!


To find the best way to do something there are many issues you have to deal with. I like to divide the issues into three seperate categories: delivery of functionality, efficiency of code, and ease of implementation.

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Windows 98 Drivers for Dell Memory Key

I have spent the last week or so trying to get an old computer of my parent’s fixed so data can be transferred off of it onto a little USB memory key so they can get it onto my mom’s shiny new dell laptop.

I thought it would be a sinch, I found what I figured were the correct drivers to get that little memory key kicking on windows 98. Well I installed them and sure enough, the key still didn’t work. After cleaning off a multitude of spy-ware and viruses I decided to dig a bit further into why the key wasn’t working and here is what I found.
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Click Path Tracking/Analysis Stuffins

I think I may have finally found a solution to the click path tracking question: http://www.sebastian-bergmann.de/blog/archives/446-Second-Release-Candidate-for-phpOpenTracker-1.5.0.html

To summarize, setup was simple, integration was simple, it doesn’t have a packaged web interface to speak of. It is only marketed as a framework, so a nice interface shouldn’t even be expected really. Continue reading Click Path Tracking/Analysis Stuffins